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Breakfast at the Inn

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Breakfast at Strawberry Creek Inn is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Breakfast is included every day in your room rate while staying overnight at the main Historic House or Courtyard Suites (optional for The Cottage at Strawberry Creek).

Awaken to the aroma of our own special roast of fresh-ground coffee brewing and sunlight streaming through the dining room's wrap-around windows. Pour yourself a steaming cup of one of several tea or herbal infusions and watch the mist rise through the trees. Our special juice blend is prepared fresh daily and brings the taste of the tropics to each morning.

Then sit and savor a gourmet two-course breakfast beautifully prepared and presented while soft music plays in the background. Your first course may include an old-fashioned fruit salad, marinated overnight with citrus and vanilla and one of our freshly baked made-from-scratch goodies, like our infamous scone or buttermilk biscuit, served with jam and butter. 

Made with fresh ingredients and local produce — including eggs laid this morning by our free-range, organic hens — your main course breakfast may include elegant Herb-Baked Eggs with turkey, a fluffy Egg Puff Casserole, baked & creamy Peach French Toast with a side of sausage, or one of our other mouthwatering sweet or savory recipes.

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Over the years we have become known for not only taking your dietary requests and requirements seriously, but for going the extra mile to wow you with a breakfast made specifically to meet your needs. Vegetarian or Vegan? Allergies? Diabetic? Gluten/Dairy-Free? We welcome the opportunity to arrange breakfast, provided we're given sufficient notice: 2 days' notice or more at time of booking, or at minimum by noon on check in day if making a same-day reservation.

Leaving early for a morning hike or to get back to the grind? Ask for one of our to-go brunch & snack bags when you make your reservation as an alternative option to our sit down two-course gourmet breakfast. We'll make sure to prepare a fresh-baked goodie, apple, orange, a beverage, and gourmet potato chips for foraging later in the day. To-go brunch & snack bags are prepared the day prior if requested at time of booking.

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Our free-range, cage-free, vegetarian hens lovingly supply delicious farm-fresh eggs for your breakfast each morning.  'The Girls' maintain a diet of Organic Feed and produce.

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