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Idyllwild Arts Summer Program

Combine your Summer relaxation with an exploration of your creative side, at the renowned Idyllwild Arts Summer Program.

All of the Idyllwild Arts classes are taught by world-class experts in their fields, and we haven't met a student yet whose life wasn't enriched by having taken one or more of the classes.

We especially recommend 'Writing Memoir' with Amy Friedman (shown right). Because everyone's story deserves to be told. Why not learn to tell yours with brilliance?

10% discount on your stay while you're a student at the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program, and an additional 10% off your tuition if you provide the Idyllwild Arts registrar with your Strawberry Creek Inn confirmation number.

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Adult Arts Center (click photo for more info)

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Family Camp (click photo for more info)

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Children's Center (click photo for more information)

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Junior Artist's Program (click photo for more info)

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Youth Arts Center (click photo for more info)

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