Strawberry Creek Inn

Welcome to Strawberry Creek Inn B&B

A tranquil retreat that will rejuvenate your spirit and relax your body, the Strawberry Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast offers peaceful luxuries and simple pleasures.

Just about two hours from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and San Diego, the San Jacinto Mountains will envelope you in the rustic beauty of Idyllwild, California. So close, yet a world away is Strawberry Creek Inn, a mountain getaway available year-round...

18 Great Towns of Southern California Idyllwild, california

Named one of the 18 Great Towns of Southern California and one of 10 Small Cities to Visit in 2015 That Should Absolutely Be on Your Travel Bucket List, Idyllwild offers a unique combination of rural mountain atmosphere, small town charm, and engaging activities.

Tackle hiking trails, or simply stroll around town

Whether you like to be on the go or take it slow, Idyllwild has an activity for you.

No matter the time of year or day of the week, Idyllwild always has something to offer, yet in a laid back relaxed tone.

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life’s quiet joys