Over the years we have become known for not only taking your dietary requests and requirements seriously, but for going the extra mile to wow you with a breakfast made specifically to meet your needs. Vegetarian or Vegan? Allergies? Diabetic? Gluten/Dairy-Free? We welcome the opportunity to arrange breakfast, provided we're given sufficient notice: 2 days' notice or more at time of booking, or at minimum by noon on check in day if making a same-day reservation.

...We'll make sure to prepare a fresh-baked goodie, apple, orange, a beverage, and gourmet potato chips for foraging later in the day. Your to-go brunch & snack bags may be prepared the day prior if requested at time of booking.


Our free-range, cage-free, vegetarian hens lovingly supply delicious farm-fresh eggs for your breakfast each morning.  'The Girls' maintain a diet of Organic Feed and produce.