Weddings & More


Please Note: We are currently in the process of evaluating and planning site expansions, upgrades, and improvements to host weddings up to 150+ persons, beginning as early as mid to late 2019; as a result, we are not entertaining inquiries for weddings or events before June 2019, and this may be revised and subject to change without notice.

In the meantime, we highly recommend Quiet Creek Inn

Children's Camps

Idyllwild is home to many great summer camps, including Astrocamp (800-645-1423), which focuses on exploration of the universe. This unique camp for children 8-14 presents sophisticated programs in astronomy, lasers and electromagnetism, rocketry and gases, microgravity, high ropes, Newton's experiments, and the Mars lander. Pathfinder Ranch (951-659-2455) and Apple Canyon Center (800-625-7295) offer outdoor education programs, summer camps and retreats for kids.

Strawberry Creek Inn is the perfect place to stay when taking your child to camp or to Idyllwild Arts, or while visiting your little ones during their summer camp stay.